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An opportunity for artists to “freely design” and “live paint” a public acceptable art piece per theme. Professionals, semi-pros and novice artists are welcome submit work and be a part of this creative “fun-to-do” fund-raiser. Murals are temporary.


– IMPORTANT to Fully Understand!!! Each artists/artist crew must complete their mural within the festival three day time line, match their best art piece to our festival theme and accept that their work is on display live for the day only (work is available to purchase). Digital forever with submitted artists approval of future promotional marketing or graphic use of their work.


– “Un Dia Para La Madre” (A Day For Mother)

This theme is in honor of Mother’s Day, to honor our Mothers, Mother of our children, Grandmother’s, Mother Earth or whomever the artist chooses. Each artist will paint a temporary wall dedicated to their love or loved one.


– Artists and or crews are encourage to express their vision large and live!. Each submitted design must be approved from festival staff. Designs and creative process are open for “spray” and or “brush on” paint application. Artist supplies and small artist compensations are awarded upon festival support from our sponsors.


– Each wall is assemble with a semi-smooth paintable surface (4’x8′ OSB roofing panel). Mural wall boards will be prepared with a painted base coat and assembled and placed in set locations. Mural wall boards are double sided for two separate artists/crews area able to paint on both sides of wall. Wall sizes are an approximately range close to a 12’x7′ area. Actual wall sizes TBA.


IMPORTANT to Fully Understand!!! All final completed murals are temporary. Murals are currently only displayed final during the festival presentation day with a possible viewing a short time afterwards. Artists works will be kept digitally on-line for future use with approval and name identification.


Festival dates are designed for artists to begin “PRE” Production on Friday, May 18th (1pm-6pm) and “All In” Production on Saturday, May 19th (7am-10pm) and “Final” Production on Sunday (9am-3pm) completing mural by allocated time. Artist Presentations are held on Sunday (4ish-6pm) and are designed for the artist to present their works in an open walking space public viewing.


Festival will take place in both parking lots of the MAHFSA meeting/event hall location. Parking lots are able to host 5 walls in front of building facing Fruitridge Road and 6 walls behind the building. Vendors will be spaced though out the entire festival in open locations single and group areas. Food and beverages will be available inside the hall during festival on Saturday and Sunday. Both days viewers will be able to arrive and walk, shop, and view the whole event.

Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association

2770 Fruitridge Road

Sacramento, CA 95820


To apply to be an artist painting live during the event, please fill out and submit the form on this page. Please note, before submitting you must have a concept sketch ready for submission. Please submit JPG, PNG or PDF files 2000px on their largest side, 150dpi max resolution and under 10MB file size.

DEADLINE: Artist applications must be submitted no later than May 1st, 2018. The form on this page will no longer be avilable once the submission deadline has passed.

If selected to participate, you will be notified by email.

Please send questions or comments to


To participate as a vendor, click here

Artist Registration is closed.